The Importance of Eating Fiber – Nashville, TN

Miles to drive
More days on the road

Fair warning, if you are reading this please know that we (Sarah) have no shame and want people to share in all aspects of our trip. We drove straight to Tennessee from Maryland and it only took a quick 14 hours.  Our first pit stop was Nashville, Tennessee where Tim’s sister Liz graciously showed us around the city of hipster cowboys and honky tonks. After a night at the Bluebird Cafe, the teeny tiny music venue where T. Swizzle and Garth Brooks were discovered, we have a much deeper appreciation for country music and might even be fans. We are heading out to St. Louis in a few minutes to see the arches and discover some Hoppe history.

We are just starting this journey and have already learned so much:

  1. When starting a road trip, don’t stray from your normal fiber filled diet. Sarah is now currently abusing over the counter laxatives and going to start blogging about the conditions of bathrooms throughout the United States.
  2. Hot chicken is HOT. Tim has the pit stains to prove it.
  3. You only get to kiss Gavin DeGraw once in your life. Sorry, Sarah.
  4. There are no cover charges at the honkey tonks but you better pay that band when they come around with their tip jar.


  • Penney Smith Farris

    Sarah — I collect photographs of unusual toilet flushers…which I usually find outside the United States, however, since you will be frequenting bathrooms, will you keep a lookout for me and if you find any, take a photo? Thanks!