Becoming Storm Chasers – Kansas

To say that we hated Kansas would be an understatement. We are sure that Kansas has many wonderful things to offer besides the world’s largest spur, but we had no time to explore those options. 

We did a marathon drive to Colorodo Springs but not before stopping in Colby for the night, otherwise known as the oasis of the plains. Qualifications for an oasis in Kansas include having more than a Motel 6 AND a Walmart. 

I could shit on Kansas all day long but it is better to forgive and forget so here is almost all of things we appreciated about Kansas: 

  1. Cows galore
  2. Incredible lightning storms that for a fleeting moment made us consider a career in storm chasing. It almost came true – two storm chasing SUVs with radars flew past us on the highway
  3. Windmill farms, Kansas knows how to power some homes in an earth friendly manner 



  • Penney Smith Farris

    I should’ve paid more attention to your trip. I spent my first 17 1/2 years in Kansas and could’ve hooked you up with some of the nicest people ever….